Mid-year application for a primary, infant or junior school place


Please do not use this form to apply for a Reception or Year 7 school place for next September


Important information before you apply

What is this form for?

The form is designed to help you find a school place for your child by getting the Local Authority to apply for school places on your behalf. It should be used to apply for a place at any infant, junior or primary school of your preference in Essex (excluding private schools). If you live in Essex and wish to apply for a mid-year transfer to a school outside Essex, please contact the relevant local authority to find out the procedure you need to follow. Preferences for schools outside of the Essex County Council area will not be processed.

If your application is for a child born between 01/09/2015 and 31/08/2016 then you must not use this form. Please return to the Admissions homepage and follow the link – Apply Online

If your application is for a Secondary school then you must not use this form. Please return to the Admissions homepage and follow the link – Application forms


Changing Schools

Changing schools is a serious step to take, so before applying please discuss the reasons for your request with your child’s current Headteacher.

If you want to transfer from one local school to another, we advise that you should not remove your child from their current school before securing a place at another school.

Applications for transfer at the start of the next academic year or the next term will not be dealt with until the half term prior to the requested admission date. Applications received too early will be returned and you will need to re-apply at a later date.

In cases where a child moves into a new district area and, as a result of the move, the child would be without a school place the application will be dealt with immediately.


Applications received during the school holidays

School Admissions needs to exchange information with schools before a decision can be made, so where applications are received shortly before or during school holidays we cannot guarantee that decisions will be made in time for your child to start a new school immediately after the holidays.

Your child’s current school may be advised of your transfer request.


Admission of children living overseas

For UK/EU citizens overseas you need to provide a copy of the passport to prove that the child is a UK/EU citizen. For non-EU citizens the child must be in the UK before we can process the application.


What should I do next?

You should complete and submit this online form.If you have more than one child you will need to complete a separate online form for each child.Voluntary aided (church schools) may require you to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). You should contact the school directly about this (contact details available via www.essex.gov.uk/admissions). SIFs should be sent to the individual school concerned directly.


What happens after I have sent in a form?

School Admissions will contact all the schools that you list. We will then write to you by letter (normally within 15 school days) to confirm the outcome of your application. If a place is available, one will be offered at the highest preference that can be met. If none of your preferences can be met and your child is without a school place, a place will be offered at the nearest school to your home with space.


School transport

Information about entitlement to school transport is available via www.essex.gov.uk/schooltransport. You should understand that your child will only be entitled to home to school transport from the Local Authority if there is an entitlement under the Council's Education Transport Policy.

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